Dwight McKee MD

"As an Integrative/Functional Medicine Oncologist, it is very important to me to provide people with the highest quality information and product recommendations that I can. All the research concerning CBD and its multiple benefits, indicate that the more full-spectrum the hemp oil extract, the greater the "Entourage Effect' produced by the complex mix of plant compounds.

"Of all the full-spectrum hemp oil products that I have experience with, SatiMedUSA's products provide the most complex mixture of phytocannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids that I have seen, and the support that people derive from them is profound."

Dwight L. McKee, MD
Board Certified in Medical Oncology, Nutrition, Integrative and Holistic Medicine

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Hemp Extract Oil 1200 FORTIFIED

This product is fantastic. I almost never need melatonin to sleep anymore. Thank you SatiMed!

Dr Mike

In one week it has decreased my wife’s neuropathies in her upper and lower extremities by 50%. Very pleased!

Great product

Oil drops 600

Great taste! I use daily! Quality products! I love knowing research and expert that support, explain and promote the products. As a health care person, I believe that evidence based information about the products is key to understand the “why” behind the purpose of the product and dynamics of the product. It’s not just enough to take the products, it’s empowering to know the benefits and physiology behind it! Thank you !

Thank you

I am very pleased with the gel it has given me pain relief with my knees. Hopefully it will continue. Thank you.

Review of 2400 drops

This is actually my second bottle, I purchased the first one from one of your distributers. I followed your titration dosing schedule and I am still using the first bottle of drops. In a word, the drops have changed my life! I had/have scoliosis from osteoporosis leading to back pain daily after 20 minutes of standing and no energy to live my life. Now I am able to stand all day long without experiencing back pain and my energy level is better. My sleep has improved though I am still not able to sleep through the night without waking up too early. My memory has improved a little and my mood/outlook has improved. The relief from the back pain has been such a gift, as I said it has changed my life.
Thanks so much Satimed, keep up the good work.

Instant Relief

Immediately after getting up in the morning, I applied Deep Tissue Oleogel. I experienced instant relief of my stiff lower back pain!

Results After 2 Weeks

Dramatic reduction in high blood pressure and improvement in staying asleep at night.

Phytocannabinoid 1200

I have tried multiple brands of CBD drops but what first drew me to SatMed's brand is the availability of a full spectrum product including CBD, CBDA, CBC and terpenes that enhance the product. All of these unique compounds produce the "entourage " effect leading to a better therapeutic profile. The effects can be subtle and in my case (chronic pain) I really noticed the difference when I ran out for a few days. I was so grateful when my order came in and I could restart. I also reviewed the certificate of analysis and testing protocols because it is important you know what is in the product . Everyday there are new brands out there but not with the same profile and quality control that SatiMed provides- that is priceless!

Good sleep for a change.

This works well for calmness for the day and sleep at night.
Second purchase. John L

Great Products and Customer Service

Trying the new formulation of the CBD with cinnamon. Quite a strong flavor but quite palatable. Great company--great website. Fast shipping.

Works for me.

Sleep all night

This works

This oils truly works. If you are not having luck with other oils, definitely try this one.

Fantastic Customer Service

Very easy on-line ordering. Very fast shipping. Nicely packaged. This is second order. Very happy!
Thank you

Knee pain relief.

Significant reduction in pain. Now able to go up and down stairs without holding on and pulling on railing. I will definitely purchase more.

PSA score dropped

I took the recommended dose of SatiMed Phytocannabinoid Paste 4200 for about a month and a half. My PSA score dropped from 4.7 in January to 1.4 on blood test taken on June 13th.

Seeing results

So far we have seen positive results. More focus and less anxiety.

Positive Results!

After two months of using SatiMeds Phytocannabinoid Paste 4200, as recommended by the SatiMed Help Desk Team, I have noticed definite improvements in my energy level, and a decrease in the symptoms of my severe Irritable Bowel Syndrome. Having suffered from depression for decades, Ive also been enjoying a new openness to the positive things in my life, and a new optimism for the future. To me, this product is well worth the money!


To early too tell if helping with early stages of PK

Helping with Sleep and Anxiety

I'm very pleased with my SatiMed Phytocannabinoid drops. I have noticed improved sleep and mood regulation, including less anxiety.

The best and the safest

I have knee joint pain and take meds that must be monitored so it doesn't destroy my kidneys. I've heard of the healing power of CBD and when I saw this Deep Tissue Oleogel I just had to try it. It relieves a good bit of the pain. I'll never stop using this product. Thank you for having it available.

Highest Quality CBD Oil

As a medical doctor and cancer survivor, I have been on CBD oil for 4 years. I have tried many brands from California and various internet companies. I started Satimed 4200 paste in January 2018. I can attest to its efficacy, purity and strength. It is the best CBD I have taken.

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