Dwight McKee MD

"As an Integrative/Functional Medicine Oncologist, it is very important to me to provide people with the highest quality information and product recommendations that I can. All the research concerning CBD and its multiple benefits, indicate that the more full-spectrum the hemp oil extract, the greater the "Entourage Effect' produced by the complex mix of plant compounds.

"Of all the full-spectrum hemp oil products that I have experience with, SatiMedUSA's products provide the most complex mixture of phytocannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids that I have seen, and the support that people derive from them is profound."

Dwight L. McKee, MD
Board Certified in Medical Oncology, Nutrition, Integrative and Holistic Medicine

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Satimed fixed a shipping problem within minutes of my posting a negative review. I’m really impressed by and appreciate their effort to correct the situation. The product itself is wonderful. Helps so much with sleep, relaxation and pain.

It works great!

Hemp Extract Oil 1200 FORTIFIED

Part of my stress management program

I started using Hemp oil at the recommendation of a nutritionist. I didn’t realize how much it was helping until I stopped taking it. I have a very stressful job and this is part of my program to remain healthy


Great product really seems to help

Deep uninterrupted sleep, and lowered anxiety

I have used this product during a very challenging case of Lyme and it was wonderful to help dial down the intensity of symptoms but this time it is to help with inflammation around arthritis and some anxiety. Once again, there is a noticeable difference in my sleep and how it does some kind of “reset” to my system so that I can awake without the anxiety still lingering in my body. The ease in which I can precisely dispense the needed amount is also wonderful. After reading about its anti-inflammatory properties, I am hopeful that it will be contributing to the continued healing that is needed.
Great product!

Great product

Really helps me get through my work day

It always a pleadure working with Satimed.

It' was a very smooth process and Satimed provided us a very competitive price and an outstandig service.

This works for me!

It really seems to help my anxiety during my stressful times.

Top of the line!

I compared Satimed to other products out there in the field. Even at discount store. I observed the main active ingredient Phytocannbinoids mg for mg with other brands were equal to only 2.5% more money. HOWEVER, the difference is less added other ingredients in SatimedUSA product and more importantly to my choice of having ORGANIC quality. Other brands could not match that!

The Best!

The best CBD in the market! Finally getting a good night sleep! Outstanding customer service quick and efficient!

1 x Hemp Extract Oil 1200 Classic

Great product. I have been using it for at least two years to treat the pain associated with my Trigeminal Nerve condition, as well as to obtain better sleep. I originally, found out about the product from Chris Conway at Solutions 4 Health in Wayne, PA.


I live in Brazil. A friend has just brought me the product. It's my first day. So I cannot give you a feedback now. But contact and shipping were perfect. Thank you!

Great service, great product.

Hemp Extract Oil 1200 Fortified

It’s only been a couple of weeks since starting my new protocol Satimed recommended, after taking the Personalized Solution they offer and following their recommendations. I have noticed a difference in my anxiety level, so I’m very optimistic and pleased. If there is one thing I feel totally secure with, it is the high level of care and concern, coupled with the quality of this product that makes me very comfortable and grateful dealing with Satimed ! Thank you !


Really helps with ease body pain for better sleep. Thank you

I Love The 600 Fortified Oil

I have been on the Hemp Extrsct 600 Fortified a short time, but I do notice my anxiety level is lessening . The taste of the Fortified is delicious , with a cinnamon mint flavor .
I’m very optimistic that this will be a keeper for me now , and I’ll use it regularly. The quality of the oil compared to others that I have tried definitely seems superior. I’m very pleased! Thank you Satimed!

First Time user

I have just started using CBD fir the first time so will need more time to see how I feel.
I bought the pump version thinking it would be easier than measuring out drops but I will try the drop version if I order in the future.Taste is very organic.

Hemp Extract Oil 1200 FORTIFIED

This product is fantastic. I almost never need melatonin to sleep anymore. Thank you SatiMed!

Dr Mike

In one week it has decreased my wife’s neuropathies in her upper and lower extremities by 50%. Very pleased!

Great product

Oil drops 600

Great taste! I use daily! Quality products! I love knowing research and expert that support, explain and promote the products. As a health care person, I believe that evidence based information about the products is key to understand the “why” behind the purpose of the product and dynamics of the product. It’s not just enough to take the products, it’s empowering to know the benefits and physiology behind it! Thank you !

Thank you

I am very pleased with the gel it has given me pain relief with my knees. Hopefully it will continue. Thank you.

Review of 2400 drops

This is actually my second bottle, I purchased the first one from one of your distributers. I followed your titration dosing schedule and I am still using the first bottle of drops. In a word, the drops have changed my life! I had/have scoliosis from osteoporosis leading to back pain daily after 20 minutes of standing and no energy to live my life. Now I am able to stand all day long without experiencing back pain and my energy level is better. My sleep has improved though I am still not able to sleep through the night without waking up too early. My memory has improved a little and my mood/outlook has improved. The relief from the back pain has been such a gift, as I said it has changed my life.
Thanks so much Satimed, keep up the good work.

Instant Relief

Immediately after getting up in the morning, I applied Deep Tissue Oleogel. I experienced instant relief of my stiff lower back pain!

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